Tommy Jacob’s (Hopefully Not) ‘Last’ EP

tommyjOur main man Tommy Jacob has released an EP off of MOOSE Records, the dope label run by Julia Losfelt and ANDREA, and it’s one of those efforts you just know is gonna be good before you hit play.  The 6 track EP traverses the chill spectrums that Tommy always does so well.  It’s atmospheric, it’s emotive, and above all it’s so Tommy Jacob, and that’s why we love it.

The release, though is bittersweet.  The title of the EP, ‘Last’, is indicative that as life rolls on and gets in the way, art cannot always be the driver.  It can and will always be a passenger, but when the bills have to be paid, it can’t always be front and center.  We’ve seen this with many producers out there and we respect the decision and hate that it has to come to it, but we all get it.  Reinforces the fact that for those selcet few who can make money off of their craft, it’s done with a lot of sacrifice, hard work, and stress that us with dayjobs don’t always have to worry about.  So continue supporting with your coin, those artists you love.  They need it and appreciate it more than you know.

Three tracks to whet your appetite, but you need to get them all HERE for a measly Facebook like.  that’s so damned worth it.

While you’re jammin, give Tommy (Soundcloud, Facebook) words of love and appreciation for all of his work, and MOOSE Records (Soundcloud, Official Site) a follow for more dopeness.

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