Tipping Hand Gets Deep With Weekly Wax 11

WeeklyWax11squareTipping Hand the label run by old Turntable.fm friend Drake, aka YoutubeDJ, has been putting out some dope tunes from artists such as Eastghost, Gloom, and coming in a few days one of my very favorites, Borealis.  They’ve been represented here before, and it only makes sense to have Drake provide a mix that not only highlights the label, but shows his tastes overall as a label head, tastemaker, and one of the reasons why we all congregated in the same rooms on TT.  Similar tastes, similar drive, and being an all around good dude, just makes it a no-brainer that we are all part of the extended TT alumni family.

The mix here showcases each TH artist with either official TH releases or not, but shows that these guys have great catalogues to pull from and that TH shows great taste in the artists they release from.

So give the good label Tipping Hand a follow (Soundcloud, Official Site, Twitter), watch for that Borealis release, and keep them on your radar.  So much goodness is coming.

Photo: Mimi Daugherty
Additional edits: bennyDNGR

Track List:

Jesse Somfay – Elegiac Station – @jessesomfay
Bearcubs – Elegy – @bearcubs
And Vice Versa – Twins – @avva
EASTGHOST – Valeda – @eastghost
DJ Frane – Visions of U (Outro)
Bearcubs – Fighting Shadows -@bearcubs
Rivka – Better Days – @wearerivka
Gloom – Manhood – @gloom-prophet
Tennyson – The Usual Mr.Nordin – @tennysonmusic
Soosh – Always (Shigeto Remix) – @shigeto
Evian Christ – Untitled (Live at Pitchfork Festival) – @evianchrist
Gloom – Peacocks and Periwinkles – @gloom-prophet
Liar – Pygmalion – @liarinth
Sun Glitters – Run (ft. CoMa) – @sunglitters / @dirtyoysterpearl
Synkro – Recognition – @synkro
Borealis – Imago VX – @jessesomfay
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nobody Here – @oneohtrix-point-never


Tipping Hand Recordings

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