SFTWeekend dump 13 coming at ya with a fresh haul of goodness!

Artist: S. F. T
Track: SupaDupaFly
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This Missy remix def caught my ear, superb work done by S.F.T with this classic material

SupaDupaFly by S. F. T

Artist: Willow Beats
Track: Merewif
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The always dope duo Willow Beats hits us with some new new, and it was def worth the wait
Merewif by Willow Beats

Artist: JURB
Track: Cactus Cooler
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JURB hits us with some clean and crisp sounds just in time for summer with Cactus Cooler

Cactus Cooler by JURB

Artist: Nao vs. A. K. Paul
Track: So Good
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Nao vs. A. K. Paul team up for some super fresh Neo-Soul sounds, and they are in fact So Good

Nao vs. A. K. Paul – So Good by thisnao

Artist: Air
Track: Come Wander With Me (Great Dane Remix)
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Great Dane simply nailed it with his Air remix, had this one on repeat for several days. Part of a remix EP he’s made free to download (HERE), like the nice gent he is

Air – Come Wander With Me (Great Dane Remix) by great dane” target=”_blank”>Soundcloud,

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