shemWeekend edition 12 comes with a huge thank you from all us here at the Waxhole to all you hard workin’ dad’s out there, keep it up!

Now, jam time:

Artist: Sh?m
Track: Serendipity
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Sh?m’s still cranking out the goodness, and his latest Serendipity comes right at ya with some galaxy class space soul.

Serendipity by Sh?m

Artist: Nick Hakim
Track: Cold
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Get a little organic with me here for a sec and give this lovely number from Nick Hamik, fans of John Legend will feel right at home

Cold by NickHakim

Artist: Phazz
Track: Invictus
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Phazz, my god man – MONSTER JAM ALERT

Phazz – Invictus by Cosmonostro

Artist: Metome
Track: Mother Data
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Metome coming at ya with some retro-funk freshness

Mother Data by Metome

Track: U Don’t Have To Call
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NΞHZVIL rockin’ Usher like no one can.

U Don’t Have To Call ・ NΞHZVIL Remix by nehzuil

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