OkapiHooo boy, last week was an audio landslide of amazing tunes, here’s some for you on this fine Sunday:

Artist: Ben Bada Boom & Invention
Track: OKAPI
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Two of my personal favorites team up, the results are magical

OKAPI // 3B x Invention by BEN BADA BOOM

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Track: Bottom Line (Flako Remix)
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Here’s a lovely remix by a longtime Waxhole favorite Flako
Electric Wire Hustle – Bottom Line (Flako Remix) by Red Bull Music Academy

Artist: Evil Needle & Sivey
Track: Constructive Interference
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Title track from the Evil Needle & Sivey EP, so good!

Evil Needle & Sivey – “Constructive Interference” by SOULECTION

Artist: Lost Midas
Track: Head Games feat. Audris (Gypsy Mamba Remix)
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Gypsy Mamba blasts this remix to the next level

Lost Midas – Head Games feat. Audris (Gypsy Mamba Remix) by Tru Thoughts

Artist: Big Dope P
Track: Moveltlife
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I jammed this track all week, so hype!

Big Dope P – Moveltlife by Big Dope P

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