The Trippy Turtle Anthem Has Been Written

Trippy Turtle - Trippy's Theme (JEFF075)Trippy Turtle is a very well thought out persona with very clear ideas and musical themes. It’d be surprising to get through a Trippy Turtle tune without some mention of bedsqueaks, fo fo fadi, going turtle on that bootay, or liking turtles.

To put the stamp on the style that he’s spent the past year or so developing, Trippy Turtle has released Trippy’s Anthem – A conglomeration of everything he’s about, with original r&b vocals most likely sang by the man himself. These are pitched and chopped throughout the song in between bedsprings, fat basslines and those iconic jersey breakbeats.

Go snag the free download here and follow Trippy Turtle (Twitter / Soundcloud / Facebook) to keep up with his tunes and updates. I like turtles!

Trippy Turtle – Trippy’s Theme (JEFF075) by Mad Decent

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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