TACHES and ZHU Belong Together

ZHuTachesTACHES is back! One of my favorite house dudes out there (and you all know there’s not many of them) dropped a ZHU remix yesterday and y’know it’s the dopeness. It isn’t a surprise, really. Dope original remixed by dope remixer, but it’s great to not be let down all the same. And to enjoy it play after play is a great way to get teased for this remix pack dropping Sunday and featuring ODESZA (which we posted a few weeks ago), Lido (!!!!), The Magician, and AMTRAC.

So enjoy this laid back chilled out tune, and get those pre-orders in now!  You don’t wanna be late copping this dopest of dope remix packs!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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