Slumberjack Gettin Felonious

SlumberjackSlumberjack and Die High Records aren’t fucking around here with this tune.  The label out of Australia has gotten play from us here before, and they have been seriously upping their game recently.  Drawing from such a dope community in Australia sure helps, but they aren’t constrained by territories or oceans.  Their reach spreads far and wide and their taste is right up our alley.  This tune they bring from Slumberjack, a duo out of Perth, and it bangs so so hard.

If you like Losco you will like this tune.  It has the chill intro and interlude, while each time you get set up for the bonkers beat that drops onto your head from the heavens above and makes your stankface engage making you look around to your mates to make sure that yes sure enough their stankfaces have also been engaged.  This one is a tune, and one that will be getting dropped into so many mixes this week that you’ll hear it out and about on the real.

And you think Slumberjack are just a one track success, well think again, because with a few tunes added below for effect you will see they know what they’re doing.  So give them a follow on their Official Site and Soundcloud and show them some love!

Sprinter feat. Sable by SLUMBERJACK


Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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