Rumtum Gives Us YESOD

RumtumYESODIt’s another Rumtum Release Day, folks.  It’s one of those days that gets me so pumped for music that I forget about all the bollocks side of the whole game.  Contracts, distributors, stoner musicians, deadlines, media, PR, etc. can sometimes cloud why you decided to get into the whole game in the first place.  But thankfully there are constant reminders of why you did, and this release is one of them.

Rumtum is an artist you all know well if you are regular readers.  He is a tremendous friend of the blog, and I feel fortunate to call him a friend personally.  He’s one of the most humble and genuine cats in the game and he wears his emotions on his sleeve which helps when you’re trying to ascertain if he’s being serious when he says something like ‘he plays a little guitar’.  Fact is, he’s a great musician, not only behind a DAW, but as a guitarist.  And as a visual artist, yeah he’s got that too.  He’s a double threat, and if you factor in how good of a dude he is (which you should), a triple threat.

This release though, off of the greatness of 1320 Records, is one that isn’t your standard fare of Rumtum (Soundcloud, Facebook) music.  Using beats as the foundation for his eclectic and atmospheric sounds, he’s flipped the script a little with this release and has the atmosphere and chilled out vibes take the forefront.  It’s not ambient by any stretch, as the beat is always there, guiding you slowly down the river on your back as you gaze into the azure sky, and feel the alternating temperature currents tickle your back.  It’s not something that you will forget nor want to end, and when you pre-order the release (HERE), as everyone should, you will have such a great set of tunes to accompany you on that hike, that run, that spate of homework, or that spreadsheet that just won’t go away.

Hopefully you enjoy the three tracks below enough to go get all four of the release (HERE) and support such a great musician and release.

Rain Healers by rumtum

Dwellers Harmony by rumtum

All ALong by rumtum


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