Polish Ambassador Goes International

PolishPolish Ambassador does it so so right with his latest album. Between constant touring, getting Jumpsuit records goin with Wildlight and saQi’s releases, he’s also been busy laying down tracks for an album of his own. But this album was not completed by him sitting in his tour bus noodling on the laptop for a few bouncing beats. Now this is an album that he’s brought in such talents as fellow Jumpsuiters, Ayla Nereo and saQi, but also with the always dope MC’s Mr. Lif, and Raashan Ahmad and vocalists Lafa Taylor, Sean Haefeli, Kirtaniyas, Peia, Yarah Bravo. But this shows that he sought to do something different with this release. Not that what he had been doing was bad, but as an artist if you’re not experimenting you’re not truly experiencing all that it means to be an artist. This release does just that. getting Polish out of his conmfort zone a bit and collaborating with many different artists and personalities that span the musical spectrum from Middle eastern, to hip hop, and of course his own glitchy bounce straight from the celestial plane.

This album is a dense work that will take you, the listener many many plays to get your head wrapped around everything he’s put into this release, just on the surface. It will require many more plays to unlock the secrets and the inspiration that fed these tunes, not only with Polish and saQi’s production, but with the vocals from the many different people as well. This is a wonderful soundtrack for those summer roadtrips, beach bonfires, patio hangouts as the sun dips below the horizon and the beer beads sweat over your fingers. It’s a mood setter, a party bumper, a work groover, and mostly a head bobber no matter where you are.

You know we at waxhole love our Polish Ambassador (Soundcloud, Facebook) to death and this release just continues that love affair. Give a few of the tunes from the album below a listen, and cop it forthwith (HERE). You need it, you will love it and you will make the humblest of artists a very happy jumpsuited entity from the skies above.

Rise and Release ft Raashan Ahmad by Polish Ambassador

Let the Rhythm Just ft Mr Lif & Ayla Nereo by Polish Ambassador

Gathering of the Tribes ft Saqi by Polish Ambassador

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