Plenty Of Food For Cymbalik’s Thought

CymbalikThoughtCymbalik (Soundcloud, Facebook), one of the Damn Son crew, dropped an EP this week that is equal parts beats and rhymes.  Featuring the MC Thought, we have a fully fleshed out release that is everything we love about hip hop.  Cymbalik, if you will recall dropped his first release of beats, late last year (HERE), and it was  great introduction to Cymbalik’s cohesive style.

When I first pressed play on the EP, I was instantly transported to the beats he drops and was expecting the same dope beats, and was taken surprise by the MC who stepped forward effortlessly.  Reminding me of the homey X, whom we’ve posted a few times (and will be doing so again soon), this MC was a new one for me.  As anyone who has talked to me regarding hip hop will tell you, I am very picky of an MC’s flow, and lyrics, but this guy who I had never heard of before this release is right own my alley.  Playin to Cymbalik’s beats is hard since he’s got so much depth and feeling in them all, but Thought does it well.

So three tunes below tease the release, check ’em and please support by nabbing the entire EP.  You’ll be funding two great artists, the underground hip hop scene as a whole, and the Damn Son movement as well.

Young Enough by C Y M B A L I K

Bow And Arrow by C Y M B A L I K

Round My Neck by C Y M B A L I K

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