ODESZHUJust because a song is “chill” doesn’t mean that it can’t bring the heat. Odesza’s remix of the already iconic “Faded” by Zhu (get that EP HERE) is definitely a masterpiece of percussive bliss. The song creates its own ambience that anyone can enjoy and will be stuck in your head for hours. The guitar-ish chords that bring in the song are accompanied by tough percussion that meld seamlessly with the soft vocals. This combined with the unique vocal elements that Odesza has added make this track very memorable. By minimally using practically only the vocals, Odesza has made this song their own and has really given it a chill spin that compliments the original perfectly.

The first of a few remixes to drop on a remix Pack that includes Waxhole favorites TACHES, and Lido, the pack also features Amtrac, and the Magician. So while the pack drops on the 29th (the 20th if you’re in the UK), you get this awesome taste to hold you over. Also, look out for another remix to drop before then.

Posted By: Skeems

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