moodygoodsqFormer 16bit member and Björk collaborator, Eddie Jefferys, finds a world of his own in his new found project Moody Good. His debut self titled LP is a tale of many tales as every track is subject to pull a 180 on your ear drums. Not a single track resembles its predecessor nor does it foreshadow what’s to come.

The vast breadth of this album does not come at the mercy of its quality. The entire piece is a work of art that keeps you yearning for more. This genre hopping album is a bass rooted soundscape that dabbles in the likes of R&B, trip hop, dub-step, grime, tribal, two-step and is strung together through a collection of jazz influenced interludes or “Eulogies.”

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Author Maloney

Moody Good – Kings Cross (feat. Yadi) by MOODY GOOD

Moody Good – Grumbles n Sparkles (feat. Rejjie Snow & Joshua Idehen) by MOODY GOOD

Moody Good – Ziambey (feat. Big Narstie) by MOODY GOOD

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