Lido’s Got Love

LidoLido’s “I Love You” EP (get it HERE) will simply drop your jaw. Even though he is from Norway, Lido has taken the Jersey club sound to a new level with this release. Each track is perfectly unique but stays true to who Lido is and keeps his signature sound.

The title track “I Love You” is absolutely break taking. Each song has several different layers of sound and style that mesh together to create something truly awesome. Although the emphatic drops and energetic aspects of this EP are the most exciting, some of the more mellow breakdowns and chill parts of each song are what stand out to me. When reviewing some EPs it is easy to take away a few key tracks, but all 4 cuts from this specific EP are masterpieces. Full of groovy bass lines, hard hitting percussion, and melodies on top of melodies- this is an EP that you do not want to sleep on.

Three tracks below highlight the EP, as the 4th was leaked earlier, but get on the EP (HERE), to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, to jam and to vibe to, and contribute to the cause so there will be more to come. Speaking of more to come, keep an eye out for the remix EP featuring a remix or two with Waxhole ties.

Lido – I Love You by Lido<3

Lido – I Love You, Pt. 2 by Lido<3

Lost (feat. Muri) by Lido<3

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