Hawk House With That Secret Handshake

HawkhouseEven though a straight edged narrator introduces it, this EP (get it HERE)is nothing short of experimental and edgy. Hawk House, a rap trio out of England, has really kept it real with their upcoming EP “A Handshake to the Brain.” The EP is exactly what it is titled, a true handshake with the listener’s brain. The unique beats accompanied by the clever flows and symphonies of melodically choruses make you think and reflect upon the lyrics each rapper seamlessly works into each track. I would even dare to compare their flows to that of the Fugees.

We were introduced to this group from our brothers at Music Is Our Weapon when they posted the video from a track off the release (HERE) and we’ve been thoroughly hooked ever since.

Definitely check this out and make sure to grab it as soon as it drops on June 23rd, and give the trio a follow on their Soundcloud, and Facebook and show them some love.

Notable tracks:

Vulcan Grip (topic 3)
This track stays true to the group’s mellow beats but has a harsher side to it. The hook will definitely get stuck in your head.

Vulcan Grip (Topic 3) by Hawk House

The Nervous System (topic 4)
This track is more of a narrative than a rap song, truly telling a story. The beat stays chill and experimental explaining the group’s experiences with their peers.

The Nervous System (Topic 4) by Hawk House

A Handshake to the Brain (experiment 1)
This track has more of a melodic feel and a more prominent hook to it. As the title track of the EP, this is definitely a track to check out.

A Handshake For Your Brain (Experiment 1) by Hawk House

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