Gladkill’s Deserves All The Accolades

GladkillThe man Gladkill has been quietly putting together a dope EP for his own label, Foundation Records. Six tunes in this release and they all show off a different side of Gladkill. granted since last year he’s been experimenting with tunes that aren’t stereotypical West Coast Bass or purple type tunes as he has made his name on. He’s gotten more melodic, more complex and shown off so many different vibes that with this release he could go just about any direction now and have a great foundation (see what I did there?) for it.

Three tunes here show my favorite ones, thus far, but these are by no means the only stand-outs. The entire EP deserves copping, so show Gladkill (Soundcloud, Official Site) some love, show his new label endeavor some love and grab the release (HERE).

Velvet by Gladkill

Ether by Gladkill

Queens by Gladkill

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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