Fourpack Of Monday Niceties

ArnoldFour tunes (plus a bonus!).  Ok, FIVE tunes you need that have been stuck in my To do pile and they need to be shown to you, if you haven’t already seen.  Well two tracks were on my To do list, and two just came out today.  All by artists we love, and all so damned good.

The first tune is from MarQ Spekt, an MC has teamed up with out favorite Blockhead for an entire album dropping July 29th.  this tune though is a teaser to get your appetites whetted and your head bobbin’.  Once the album is out, you best believe we’ll be posting more tunes for you to stream and enjoy.  But do cop the album (HERE) before it hits so you’ll be cool in your school bein the first one to have this in your headphones.

Then we have HWLS, who we always throw down love when they release a tune, and this one is no different. This one features the monotone vocals of Seekae that if listening to in isolation would make you think it was an incantation, but the production weaves in and out, behind and through the vocals, picthing, chopping as they go to make this tune quite the lovely, if not darker, HWLS tune.  A remix from Seekae’s debut album (pre-order HERE), this one sets the tone quite nicely.

Then there’s Buku. Oh Buku, you dope motherfucker, you. from the land of the forged steel, and the Monongahela (I just love saying that river’s name), he throws down only the dopest of tunes. if you want to get hyped, he’s your man. If his catalogue can’t get you hyped, I don’t know how to help you.  this tune, off of the 3rd volume of the Never Say die compilation (HERE), this one is a gem among…other gems.  Compilation album so worth your dime.

Last but not least is a freshie from the We Did It Collective, featuring Arnold on the remix of this Groundislava tune from his feel The Heat EP released last week (cop it HERE). it’s a good tune that will make you realize there are more sides than one to Arnold.

Bonus track here from DZA and Kid Kanevil, because well i just can’t say no to Kid Kanevil. Seriously, I can’t. If he remixed Rick Astley, I’d love it. if he remixed Miley cyrus, I’d like it. If he remixed Afro Man, I’d like it…you see what I’m saying here?

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