Fourpack of Vocal Goodness From CloZee, Daktyl, K Theory, & Equator Club

ClozeeBanksWe have had some amazing music released this past week.  When the daily grind, gets you and you just have no chance to bring it all to the world.  It’s been a rough week for me, at least, and what serves as the best way to decompress, get better, and just feel alive again?  Music.  Music with vocalists also helps!  So below you will see three tunes from the past week that feature female vocalists and that you need to hear.

This first tune is from our main man from Chicago and Them Flavours, Equator Club (Soundcloud, Facebook).  He’s been a little quiet on the production front, but that isn’t because he has been sitting in his living room binge watching Adventure Time.  He’s been busy with Them Flavours and furthering the scene of Chicago and careers of local artists.  He’s been a great person to watch work, even if his soundcloud has been a bit slow.  THIS tune, though, shows that even if his work has been diverted to other places, his talent has not gone anywhere at all.  This official remix is a wonderful summery joint that will fit anywhere where sun, water, and friends are in abundance.

Kyla La Grange – The Knife (Equator Club Remix) by Equator Club

Next we have our favorite CloZee remixing Banks, who we all know by now is a weakness for me. When you remix Banks, you’re always alright in my book. CloZee, though, has done such great work with this remix that well, it deserves listen after listen….after listen. CloZee has been steady making moves and this is just one more jewel to put in her collection of work. She has many more tunes coming, though, so keep it locked on her Soundcloud and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a single track.

BANKS – Drowning (CloZee Remix) by CloZee

Then there’s K Theory, who I don’t have to tell you, have been making power moves for the past couple of years now. The moves seem to be ratcheting up in 2014, though, and with an EP release coming in the Fall, are ready to take over your stage, your festival, and your headphones everywhere you go. You think that this is something that anything but talent, hard work, and dedication brings, well you’re wrong. These guys have a great work ethic and the talent to recognize that ethic. They are where they are going because of that…and their great fans who have been listening since they were flirting with house, dubstep, trap and still do. These guys aren’t constrained by genres, and their music shows. Enjoy this tune, follow the dudes on their Soundcloud, and keep a lookout for that release!

Good Time feat. Lorine Chia & Machine Gun Kelly (K Theory Remix) by K Theory

Last but absolutely not least is the man, Daktyl. One of those guys who is on an upward trajectory with everything he puts out, not only in quality but in recognition. Deservedly so too! Daktyl never disappoints whether it’s originals, collabs or remixes. He’s always going to to impress those first time listeners, and delight those fans of his. He’s a great guy to boot, so that makes it even more awesome! Give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook), give him some love and most of all, give him a listen!

Aquilo – You There (Daktyl Remix) by Trapdoor Records

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