Four Tracks From Otodayo and DIE HIGH

ClozeeFalconHere on the blog you know we love our great producers.  But there are also labels/collectives that we love as well.  Damn Son, Shoeboxx, Project:Mooncircle, Flow Fi, Team Supreme, Doggtown, The Gravy Crew, and so many more make up this huge musical ecosphere that we can’t get enough of and need.  Two of those entities released two track EP’s this week and I’m so happy they did.   One features an artist we all know and love, and one from an artist you might not know.  One from France of a French artist, and the other from Australia from an Aurstralian artist.  Not only are these great releases, but showcases for their own backyards, respectively.

DIE HIGH Records has been putting out the goodness for awhile now.  2014 has been their year to shine and they’ve done so with release after release that gives us all something so good to listen to.  This release that dropped yesterday features an artist by the name JL (Soundcloud, Facebook), since we all like brevity every once in awhile. The two tunes in this release feature island vibes, synthy goodness, and that vibed out wavy feel that you just can’t get enough of.



Then we have Otodayo, run by the dudes of Trickaz and featuring our main French Glitch Queen, CloZee. This release is an original with a remix from Dropout Marsh (Soundcloud, Twitter), and for two tracks, as is the case with the JL release above, packs so much punch in those two tracks its ridiculous.  CloZee is just insane in what she does, and her quitessential CloZee textures abound in this track, so you know you’re in for a treat.

CloZee – Falcon (Original Mix) by OTODAYO Records

CloZee – Falcon (Dropout Marsh Remix) by OTODAYO Records

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