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BLANCIf you squint your eyes on the global map, all the way, smack dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean you can find the remote Cocos (Keelings) Islands. This place is certainly detached from all corners of the world, but through the music of blΔnc (Soundcloud, Tumblr), this place has found its way on our radar.

With a place like this, I can imagine that there is a Catch 22 between natural beauty and isolation. And blΔnc’s music certainly hinges of off of the latter as his tone is dark, eerie and mysterious more than anything…detached.

Courtesy of: Music Is Our Weapon
Author: Maloney

Newe by blΔnc

Feel by blΔnc

Bruy 2 – Ornament by Bruy

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