Eastghost Gets His Struggle Remixed

EastghostEastghost (Soundcloud, Facebook) released an EP a bit ago and if you don’t remember, or it has been awhile, go back and take a listen (HERE).  The release was the first from Tipping Hand, and it was such a great initial effort we all knew the label, and Eastghost was going to do just fine.

This remix EP, though.  It brings together some artists from the well-known, to the not so much so, which is just how I like it.  What’s the point of music if there is no discovery?  So with the well-knowns (at least if you’ve followed the blog), Borealis, Xian & Gaszia, and WTCHDCTR, you have the other artists who, at least for me, are less known.  And getting to know these artists I’ve not heard of before, gives me homework I’ll gladly take up.

I’ve included the remixes from Borealis, Gloom, and Kid HNRK, and while these are my favorites they are not in any way shape or form the ONLY good cuts.  You know how I love Xian & Gaszia, as well as WTCHDCTR so you know there is quality there.  And listening through, the remixes from the other cats are on par.  It’s a great release for the label, and for Eastghost.  These remixes all, are wonderful interpretations of the originals and there is so much diversity you never et bored or think to yourself, ‘I’ve heard this before’.

So cop the EP (HERE), follow all of the artists involved, and by all means get up on your Tipping Hand.  The next release, from Borealis, is going to be so freaking awesome!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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