Cybass Gets His Carbon Altered

CybassWe’ve hyped the Brazilian scene for awhile now, mostly centering around two dudes from Beatwise Recordings, sants, and CESRV.  But to think that these two are the only ones from that scene to be making heat would be mis-representative of the scene as a whole and the Beatwise family.  Another member who has always been producing goodness, is Cybass.  He’s a little more on the heavier side as compared to CESRV and sants, but the fact that he collabs with them regularly shows that they can all combine for goodness, and their styles and influences all rub off on each other.

Not only is Cybass releasing an EP and representing the Beatwise family, and Sao Paolo scene so well, but he’s releasing via Lost Tribe Records, the label run by another of our all-time favorites, Ambassadeurs.  This confluence of favorites, friends, and musical awesomeness is one of the reasons why the global musical family is so cool to be a part of (thank you internet!).  I mean, look at this post for example.  A dude from Brighton, is releasing an EP from a dude from Sao Paolo, and a dude from Texas is blogging about it.  DUDE!

So to the music, well it’s really a great introduction to Cybass (Soundcloud, Facebook) if you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing before, and shows that Lost Tribe isn’t to be pigeonholed as a label.  We have heavy trap like beats, head nodding beatstrumentals, and future beats all in one EP.  I’ve given you three of the tunes, but you need to go HERE to get the whole thing and support two great crews all at once.  Oh and get some dope music in your headphones as well.

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