Brock Berrigan Gets Live At 2 AM

BBerriganThat new Brock Berrigan EP dropped back last month and while I was quick to pick it up, I have been slow in getting it to you all. But then, you guys already know and love Brock so you already have it in your collection and playlists, right? RIGHT? I’ll give you a few minutes to go grab it (HERE). But whether or not you’ve clocked and copped the album, now’s your time to do so.

I’m providing three tunes from the album that I think exemplify the EP as a whole and I hope to impress upon you that this is just your introduction, not your Cliff Notes. Taking these three tunes and nothing else would be a disservice to the release as well as to the artist as well. He has Chewbacca samples throughout the tunes, for chrissakes! What more do you want??

One of my favorite beatsmiths out there, this cat does it right every single time. So give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love for this release and all the others he’s put out.

Two AM (New Album now available) by BrockBerrigan

Lost in Sound by BrockBerrigan

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