Audeka Breakeths Thy Neck

AudekaNeuro…it can be funk, it can be hop, it can also be step.  But as you all know for me, genres can get fucked.  So the tunes here are good.  Whatever you call them, they’re good.  They are beyond good, rather.  I haven’t been this taken with tunes of this heavy nature since Culprate, Koan Sound, and Asa first started on the scene.  They are THAT good.  At least to me, anyway.

So the tunes all come from a production trio by the name of Audeka.  They aren’t fresh onto the scene, but they are fresh to me and good god almighty, are they fresh.  The absolute heavy wonk gets me every time.  If this is something your head doesn’t quite know how to bob to, well then I like it.  These tunes do not deserve head bobs anyway, because they will instead break your neck.

Three tunes below will show you, if you are new to them like I am, their mastery of sound design, drum patterns, and an overall dark sense of wonderment whether of original content or remix content.  And as you know I do not post clips usually.  But this DET remix, I just couldn’t resist.  The original tune from DET is definitely a good dubstep tune, but the remix?  My god, the remix!

So check these tunes, give Audeka (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow and by all means show them some love!

DET – Shadow (Audeka Remix) [Forthcoming Caliber Music] by Audeka

Savage by Audeka

Audeka – Silverback by Audeka

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