ANDREA Comes Correct With The Weekly Wax

WeeklyWax9squareANDREA has been a staple on the blog for years now.  Ever since we featured his dope track “I Want You Back”   we were thoroughly hooked on giving you his newest tunes.  I can’t remember how I got introduced to ANDREA, but I do believe it was from his dope 2 track EP Bedtime Stories and the absolutely insane Aaliyah ‘Rock the Boat’ flip.  Whatever the case may be, he’s been dropping bombs ever since.  2 and some years later his production has only gotten better and his career has been on an upward trajectory and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down yet.   Also co-founding MOOSE Records, a label pulling together many of France’s dopest producers (as well as from further afield), he proves that he’s a curator as well as a producer.  He’s been a tremendous friend to the blog, and one of those guys who the more popular he gets the more humble he becomes.  He’s a great guy, producer, and someone who is a joy to work with.

This Weekly wax showcases what the man is jamming to these days and shows off so many different vibes and styles that while you enjoy every minute of the mix.  This is a soundtrack for anything you might be doing that would require concentration, or just flippant lazing around.  Don’t try and be mad through listening to this because it just won’t work.  One full hour of what is playing in ANDREA’s world and you will see the inspiration that flows through his production.  It’s not hard to see, and it’s a wonderful glimpse inside the man’s process.

So enjoy this Weekly Wax, and if you haven’t already go to his Soundcloud or Facebook and show him some love.  And if you want even more ANDREA goodness, get after MOOSE Records.

Photo: Joseph Noctum
Additional Edits: Benny Alley

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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