XED Delivers That Sexy Weekly Wax

WeeklyWax6squareKolossus Records is a great label and collective headed by the man XED.  XED isn’t just a label head and A&R, but he’s also a dope producer.  I was a XED fan shortly before Kolossus came together so seeing the two pop up, I was really stoked.  So asking XED for a guest mix was able to do a few things for us and that was to showcase some XED tunes, but also shed some light on some of their dope artists they have.

Granted, we’ve only really featured Invention on the blog, but he is just the tip of the iceberg really.  So many dope producers like XED and Invention are a part, but even I have not dug into everyone on the roster.  Not because of laziness, but more because it is time consuming to do so.  Time consuming because every artist is just so good!

As for the mix, though, we have a great smattering of artists you know (Carmack, Sango, Lakim, salute, and RL Grime), some we may not have (FlukeNukes, and starRo), and some XED originals (released and unreleased).  So for those who may know any or all of the above, you have enjoyment by discovery, recognition, and exclusivity.

So give XED (Soundcloud, Facebook), and Kolossus Records (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow and show them all some love!

Photos – Jennica Mae Photography
Additional Editing – Benny Alley

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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