DuanMay days are in full swing, and with this fine weather comes some even finer tunes

Artist: Duan & Only
Track: Oxytocin
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Australia once again revealing it’s wealth of talent

Oxytocin by Duan & Only

Artist: Little Dragon
Track: Klapp Klapp (Nosaj Thing remix featuring Future)
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Nosaj thing and Future add their special flavor to some Little Dragon

Klapp Klapp (Nosaj Thing remix featuring Future) by Little Dragon

Artist: Bearcubs x Tom Misch
Track: Colours Of Freedom
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Bearcubs & Tom Misch come together and make some magic with Colours of Freedom

Bearcubs x Tom Misch – Colours Of Freedom by Bearcubs

Artist: cubeface
Track: Called You
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An older track, but new to me. Fantastic layering and build on this one

Called You by cube face

Artist: Mr Carmack
Track: another intrepidity, with Evil Needle
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Mr Carmack re-visits a personal favorite of mine from Evil Needle’s Qualia

another intrepidity, with evil needle by MR•CAR/\\ACK

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