Rumtum Whets The Whistle With Alona

Rumtum does it again with this tune ‘Alona’. Getting ready for an album drop on 1320 Records this video and tune do wonders in setting the stage. Rumtum has always succeeded in giving us the beats that are so technically complex that you pick up something new at every listen, and this tune (and album btw) is no different.

Eclectic at his core, Rumtum doesn’t know or understand the term ‘cookie-cutter’. He’s always been on the advanced edge of the beatsmith scene and he really never ever disappoints. Even his live sets are out of the ordinary, utilizing live guitar and vocals, because you know he’s just THAT talented. No really, he is.

So keep it locked on his Soundcloud and Facebook to make sure you do not miss the release (June 11th).

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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