Rips. And Lakeway Get RunnerUp With The Resonata Remix Competition

waxholechilledwaxIIResonata has a new EP coming out on Waxhole Records later this month and we decided, somewhat last minute, to run a remix contest for one of the tunes from it. We really were blown away with the reaction and the submissions were so good. But with the many submissions, we had to cull the lot and pick just three tunes to highlight as winners. One of them will be featured on the official release, and two of them as runner-ups you get to hear as well.

The first tune that came to us as a popular choice for a runner-up was from a producer by the name of Rips (Soundcloud). And that’s pretty much all we know of the cat. The tune, though, we listened to quite a few times not only in the process to decide winners, runners-up and the lot, but also because the tune is an enjoyable one. It is one of those works that takes the original vibe and atmosphere and builds upon it, making it a little more lush, while pitching the vocals to make it a bit more of a epic feel. He’s given us quite the luscious remix, and the textures you get while listening vary at each replay. So replay it a lot.

Resonata – Elise (Rips. Remix) 2nd RunnerUp by Waxhole

Then there was Lakeway (Soundcloud, Twitter), whose track was the one we were tortured over as being a possible winner. But after a long time to deliberate, even sleeping on it to make sure, his tune was chosen as a runner-up. Lakeway is a producer out of the UK who has drum and bass in his bones, gave this really great unique take on the track. We received quite a few DnB remixes that were good, but this one wasn’t your typical DnB beat underlaying the original with a few tweaks here and there. No, this one has breakdowns, and tempo changes as well as sub-humming bass that provides that undercurrent that threatens to take you under.

Resonata – Elise (Rips. Remix) 2nd RunnerUp by Waxhole

So enjoy the tunes, and show these two producers some love. They provided us with great remixes and hard choices.

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