Resonata Come Full Circle

ResonataAlbumArtBIGResonata, the producer who was first brought to our attention by the dope Tanko has released his first EP, entitled Full Circle. Including 5 originals, and three remixes, the EP has so many chilled vibes you won’t know where to start. But, if you begin at the beginning and work your way through, you won’t be disappointed. You will also hear a familiar tune the second one in as ‘Elise’, the great track from our Chilled Wax Volume 2 compilation appears here as well.

Elise, one of my favorites, also was treated to a remix competition a little at the last minute, but the returns were fabulous! And would you believe under an alias, Tanko ended up winning. His remix is below and you will see why, even though it was a tough decision even under his ridiculous alias name. I say ridiculous because after he revealed his true identity, we all felt a bit foolish. The name of the EP had already been chosen before all of this, but with Tanko in essence facilitating this introduction and therefore release, to have him on the EP, definitely brings new meaning to the title.

But for the release as a whole, if you’re reading this on the day of release, get at the download as it is free for the first 200. After that 200, you can still pay what you’d like, but you have to pay SOMEthing in order to get the dope remixes. The lad has to eat somehow!

So get on it, get some chill vibes in your life, and get to know Resonata (Soundcloud, Twitter). He’s got more in the pipeline and he’s got so much more to give.

Resonata – Butterfly Tattoo by Resonata

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