Remembering Kid Atlaas This Memorial Day Weekend

KidAtlaasPassing away last weekend, at only age 25, he leaves behind so many great tunes and vibes that we can always review his work, and essentially lively pieces of him. That is the power and greatness of art in any medium, and we get to and should enjoy while these digital imprints last. Part of the Cosmonostro family and for me at least where I first heard of him, he’s one of those artists that seemed to just belong together. Others of the Waxhole family have followed the man for longer and the loss therefore is felt more poignantly. Our friends at MOCD, for instance posted a great tribute.

So if this is old news to you, then take this time to revisit before the flood of new material washes over the memories and sounds of this great artist. Every day we all hear so many great tunes, and witness, through the internet, so many vibrant artists every day working towards their lifelong dream of making music their career, we have to remember that we’re all frail humans susceptible to those constraints of the human condition. For those whose introduction is this sad news, take a trip through his Soundcloud and his Youtube to understand why so many around the community are heartsick for this loss.

Here are a few favorites of ours here at Waxhole from the late Kid Atlaas. He will be missed by many.

Kid Atlaas – Winter Is Coming by Cosmonostro

Paris. by Kid Atlaas

Golden era by Kid Atlaas

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