Late Night Threepack From PACES, SoySauce, and SteLouse

PACESSsThree pack of tunes that I’ve been sitting on for a bit, but deserve the light of day.  One from a DJ of a condiment variety you already know, one from an Aussie you SHOULD know, and one from a new guy on the blog that everyone should get to know.

When Soysauce, PACES, and SteLouse make it on the same post you know good times are coming at you.

Soysauce (Soundcloud, Facebook) remains a mystery, but keeps droppin the bombs.  This remix is no different, and silly pics, and salty flavor aside, the tunes are the dopeness.

In The Air Feat. Angela McCluskey (SoySauce eDIT) by DJ SoySauce

PACES chimes in with a remix of his own and gives us a full dose of all the Jersey Club tenets. Bedsqueaks aplenty this tune still bangs. I think its how strong the rest of the tune is that overcomes my usual aversion to them squeaks. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind them squeaks, but when they’re thrown in just ’cause it gets annoying. But whatever, PACES (Official Site, Soundcloud)killed it on this one so enjoy.

Sietta – Such Desire (Paces Remix) by PACES

Then we have SteLouse (Soundcloud, Twitter), out of Denver who released an EP last week from the Aussie label DIE HIGH Records, who are doing great things btw. SteLouse, even though from Denver doesn’t really fit the scene’s sound as one might envision, but fuck that vision because the scene has so many talented musicians of all sounds and that’s what makes it so great.  This tune is just one from four dope tunes on the EP (HERE).  So get to grabbin!

StéLouse – Sixteen by DIEHIGH RECORDS

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