Getting Greased Up With I Kicked A Cloud Once

IKACOGreasedI Kicked A Cloud Once and his newest EP (HERE), premiered last week via RBMA Copenhagen, and released off of Greased Up Records is the type of EP I always expected. It’s so dope and it flirts with Thriftworks wonky in some tunes, and then swims in the waters of Great Dane in others. The fact that IKACO has dropped this off for us to enjoy, is one of those things where the appetite gets whetted and you just can’t get the money out of your pocket fast enough.

Three of the 6 tracks from the album are below and they show just how good the EP is. These tunes are just a glimpse, though. They show only a smattering of how good this EP really is. It’s equal parts jammin and off-kilter, which as anyone who knows me will tell you, is just the way I like it. Whether you gravitate toward the jamming vibe from the tune ‘Aura’ that really gets the blood pumpin, or the more purply slower burn vibe on tune ‘Green Tea’, you get a good sample of the different sounds and vbes that IKACO is so good at.

So give I Kicked A Cloud Once a follow (Soundcloud, Official Site), download the EP (HERE), and show the dude some love. He’s a class act and a class producer.

I Kicked A Cloud Once – B Runner by Greased Up Records

I Kicked A Cloud Once – Green Tea by Greased Up Records

I Kicked A Cloud Once – Aura by Greased Up Records

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