FKJ Keeps Us Hurrying On

FKJ It’s been quite some time since I’ve hurried to log into Waxhole like this. However my excitement share this song with you guys caused me to drop everything I was doing before I had even finished listening to this song.

This is even a new artist for me. Introducing FKJ (Soundcloud, Facebook) or if brevity isn’t your thing, French Kiwi Juice. Not much is given as far as a bio goes on his Facebook or Soundcloud but as I progress through his tracks I can tell you he is no stranger to deep and sexy tunes. Of course he hails from Paris, France. I swear they put something in French water that makes people crank out amazing tunes. The vocals come from a Alice Russell acapella that he found while streaming. So with out further ado, I give you, Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (FKJ Remix)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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