DRK&LVLY Gives Us The Beauty And The Beats

Beauty&BeatsThe South African scene is still bumping those dope tunes. I haven’t focused too much digital ink on that scene lately, but that doesn’t mean they have halted production. Quite the contrary! This new series from DRK & LVLY, the record label started by SLABOFMISUSE of whom we are solid fans of shows that not only has new projects been started, but this satrt of a series shows that we will have future things to look forward in the same vein.

This series, being a digital + live show experience will release compilations like this regularly (keeping on a loose quarterly schedule), whhile the live shows will be more frequent around South Africa. The series looks to not only give fans what they want from artists they all know and love like Dank, Cards on Spokes, Seafood, Maramza, and of course Slabofmisuse himself, but exposing us all to talents we may not have heard of…at least for us not luck enough to be immersed in the scene. For me this edition, the first in the series we have many artists I’ve never heard of but will now be digging into more. Watermark High, Veranda Panda, Wildebeats, Cutting Gems, Phizicist, and Hawkword show just how out of touch I am with the scene, even if I do know more than your average Yank. But whatever the case, setting aside my bruised ego a bit for not knowing half of these guys, as a pure fan of the scene this is exciting to be able to dig into so many new artists and sounds.

So check three of these tunes below, and go cop the compilation for yourself. They’re all free to download, so you’d be sick not to do so. And follow ALL of the artists on there. They all deserve the love. And follow DRK & LVLY (Soundcloud, Facebook)to get the future installments as well as dope releases in between!

01 The Watermark High – Better In The Abstract (FREE DL) by DRK&LVLY Records

07 Hawkword – Something Feels (FREE DL) by DRK&LVLY Records

10 Slabofmisuse – Wooly Eyed Soul (FREE DL) by DRK&LVLY Records

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