Cain Gives Us That Exclusive Weekly Wax

Weekly Wax Vol 3CAIN has been a firm favorite of mine for awhile (See? and See?) and every time he drops something new it’s a better endeavor than his past. And the bar he’s set just raises a notch higher. It’s one of those things that I do not see as sustainable, but dammit if every time he succeeds and I’m left with one more tune to enjoy thoroughly.

This guest mix features a lot of CAIN, mostly unreleased tunes coming soon on various EP’s due this year. A full hour of CAIN is never a bad thing and he’s been so nice to give us all the preview. We really appreciate his work and his guest mix with so many freshies inside. It also highlights the fact that Cain, while so into the hip hop genre which shows with his beats and his live scratch sets, he also loves the tribal polyrhythms and nuances as well. It always combines for such a complex and enjoyable experience, and this mix is no different. Including a few tunes not from his personal stable of works is Mumdance, Ngzunguzu, and Mumdance (with Mao, and Logos), and clocking in at just over an hour, you get enough tunes to be productive, cover 70 miles of a road trip, or just zone out and enjoy your headspace.

Give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) to keep abreast of his future releases when these morsels in the mix will be officially public and purchasable, and be sure to show him some love!

Also, big shouts to our fam MimiBug on the pic for the cover art!

Track List:

1. CAIN – Intro tune (currently unnamed)
2. CAIN – Plain Rites
3. CAIN – Found In You
4. CAIN – Vayu
5. CAIN – Ifrit
6. CAIN – Andale
7. CAIN – Savann
8. Four Tet & Terror Danjah – Nasty
9. Mumdance & Logos – Turrican 2
10. Mumdance & Mao – Truth
11. Nguzunguzu – Mecha
12. CAIN – Durga
13. CAIN – Wiley 20 Step Remix
14. CAIN – Mora Choir Intro
15. CAIN – Mora
16. CAIN – currently unnamed
17. Kelis – Jerk Ribs (Mount Kimbie Remix)

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