Black Market Armoire Gets Funky With Ill-Esha & Sauce

BMAIll-esha and sAuce are starting out on something that excites me greatly.  This EP of them remixing some MJ tunes is dope in it’s own right.  But the fact that this EP kicks off a new movement that ill-esha, always an advocate for her favorite people, her scene, and her community, is starting with some of her favorite people in the Denver scene.  Black Market Armoire is the name of the collective and already bringing together kLL Smth, and sAuce, there are many more release to come as well as more artists to be given light and exposure.

We at Waxhole have tried to do this as well, and hopefully we’ve helped the scene even just a little.  But this powerhouse of ill-esha, is much more and awesome of a movement.  At least in my biased eyes.

So enjoy these tunes fully, give the BMA collectve a follow (Official Site, Soundcloud), get in on the ground floor and let’s all keep an eye out for what they pop out next.  I’m in the back seat with the windows open, and ready for wherever they take us.

BMA002 – Chicago – sAuce – Edit by BLACK MARKET ARMOIRE

BMA002 – BlueGangsta – ill-esha – Edit by BLACK MARKET ARMOIRE

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