BAILE Takes Us To Church

BAILETavenerBAILE keeps dropping the dope tunes.  Remixes so far, sure, but do not fret, the originals are coming.  After remixing Bronze Whale we knew this project was going to take off like a rocket. And so far, that has been true.

This remix, isn’t really one you might think of right off the bat as one that he’d re-purpose as this isn’t an indie starlet he’s refixing to great response (like his ‘Daughter remix included below’).  This remix, is of the spoken word variety as it is of a poem by William Blake.  A more gothic, cathedral feel, this makes us feel all religous inside.  Not of the traditional denominational doctrine spewing religious, but rather that feeling you get in your chest when you get overwhelmed by emotion.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just pure emotion.

This tune is just another in the short history of BAILE, but more is coming, believe you me, and you will all enjoy so so much.
So give the dude a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and keep up with the future works that I keep teasing.

Daughter – Love (BAILE Remix) by BAILE

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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