Wiley Gets The Cain Treatment

WileyYes yes I know Sunday’s are usually reserved for the sexytime tunes, but today I am going to play it a bit different.  Instead of letting you settle comfortably back into bed and/or zoning out in sensual meditation, you are going to get a nice tune to continue the party from yesterday.  Plus, if you need sexy, Complexion pretty much has that covered with his 3 hour show (HERE at 5PM CST).

This tune, oh by the way, is not just a bangin remix, from an artist who we’ve covered before, but rather a glimpse into the next Weekly Wax mix dropping on Thursday.  That’s right, Cain is supplying this week’s and if you like polyrhythms and tribal undertones, you’ll enjoy this mix!  So without further ado, let’s enjoy this Wiley tune, which funny enough is the second Wiley remix to be in a Weekly Wax mix, the first one being the dope Guerilla Speakerz remix in Subp Yao’s mix to start off the series.

And if this is your first encounter with the greatness of Cain, get to know (Soundcloud, Facebook) because there is much more to come and you will see, all so so good.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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