Who ‘Dis Loomis?

LOOMISOk this artist has slipped by me, and by not only looking at the amount of Plays that have been wracked up, slipped by me a lot.  Then I look at the comments on the tracks and I realize that many of the guys I like and follow have been vibing off this artist’s stuff as well.  Then you couple that with the no info, enigmatic persona on Soundcloud and Twitter, and you have to think it’s an alias.  Has to be, right?  I mean three tunes in a year and they’re all so dope.  Or maybe this artist just spends ALL of their time in the lab crafting these cuts and doesn’t come out to do any social presence or produce any more than 1 tune every 8-9 months?

I don’t know but after getting chatter from different people in my circle about this one, I figured it was time to expose these tunes to you all to make sure either I am the only one who missed this LOOMIS for this long, or to make sure you all don’t miss out any longer.

So three tunes that are all, by this point, old, but all so damned beat-tastic! Give the guy a listen and let’s all wonder when we’ll be seeing this artist again…if ever…

Flowers by LOOMIS •

Look by LOOMIS •

They Were by LOOMIS •

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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