What So Not and RL Grime Gang Up on a Genre Breaker

whatsonotIt really is no secret that electronic genres are quite fluid and changing constantly. Forever pushing the boundaries of what we think of as art as hard as the beat can drop. Among those wave makers is RL Grimes, who teamed up with one of my personal favorite DJ/producers Flume to bring melody to hi hats in this ground breaking release. RL Grime has been in the trap game for quite some time now and seems to have a strong reign on what gets a crowd moving. WhatSoNot is Flume’s side project with Sydney DJ/producer Emoh Instead that is still in its infancy but already making huge strides and cranking out tracks. The three producers bring us this tasty jam with the perfect lack of a definable genre.┬áThe horn samples in this gem of a track create a dynamic sound perfect for ringing in the weekend. I also included WhatSoNot’s soundcloud in case you aren’t satiated with “Tell Me.” Enjoy EDM heads!





Posted By: Brit Alverson

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