Three Pack Of Weekend Grooves

cloudsLoving the fact that the homies are steady droppin’ the jams. Bedrockk, Resonata & Tanko, and Eagles For Hands, has provided some damned good jams the past few days. It’s been a busy one for me, but when these guys push out the goodness, well it makes it just a bit easier to get by.

And when I say these groovin tunes helped get me through a rough week, well they didn’t just get me by, but there was uplifting happening. I mean these tunes are enough to inspire you to finally get started on your food art blog, or get you onto that mountain bike again, or just get you outside after the deep freeze that had been burying you all winter long. Whether it’s a random tune from Bedrockk (Soundcloud, Facebook), a premier fro an upcoming EP by Eagles For Hands (Soundcloud, Facebook), or a compilation inclusion from Resonata (Soundcloud, Facebook) & Tanko (Soundcloud, Facebook), these tunes will have you sorted, uplifted and groovin all damned day.

Cloud Ceilings by Bedrockk

Handprints by Eagles For Hands

Resonata & Tanko – Candy [Sounds of Harmony Exclusive] by Resonata

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