Sibot Sees You With His Arc Eyes

sibotThe man Sibot, one of a few of the second wave of Gravy crew members (However wrong it may be, I count Liver, and Dank as the first wave so the second wave includes a lot of dudes) that burst through with the sound and the dopeness that all Gravy members come with, has dropped an EP on us, in partnership with Red Bull Cape Town who is releasing this exclusively through their channels (Official Site, Soundcloud). The fact that Sibot partnered up with Red Bull Studios should come as no surprise. Producing heaters before and after his Mad Decent debut, Sibot remains one of the heavy hitters in South Africa.

So this EP (download it HERE for free), is 5 tracks of every sound you might want. You want to go festy raging, well let the last track on the EP, scratch that itch. You want to get down and funky, well ‘Arc Eyes’ has got you covered. Dark, moody and plenty of live drums? Yeah he’s got that too with ‘City of Gold’. So yeah, Sibot knows who you are and made a tune specifically for you. As you play, he is keeping his eyes (ALL of the googly eyes) on you, so enjoy and if you don’t pretend that you do because….well just because.

And if you don’t know Sibot, then get to know (Soundcloud, Facebook). His sound is so big, he shouldn’t just be a hit in his home country but worldwide as well.

Sibot – Nice Shandee’s ft Okmalumkoolkat by Red Bull Studio CT

Sibot – Nice Shandee’s ft Okmalumkoolkat by Red Bull Studio CT

Sibot – Little Boy Ft Toyota by Red Bull Studio CT

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