Remix Competition! Resonata’s Elise

waxholechilledwaxIILate last year we released our Second Chilled Wax Compilation (HERE), and one tune from an unknown to me at the time, was a referral from a dope producer by the name of Tanko. The tune that was included, Elise, was such a good tune that when we talked and I heard the other stuff Resonata (Soundcloud, Facebook) was working on, I knew we had to release his effort on the label side. Since ‘Elise’ will be included in the EP, and since the tune is already out and in many of your collections we figured this would be a great tune to allow you all a chance to remix and be included on the official release next month.

Remix contests are always awesome for not only those who are partaking, but for those who get to see all of the submissions and different takes on the original. True, the influx of remixes can be overwhelming at times, but it is always the case where there are way too many good tunes to choose from that choosing one winner is always a hard and tortured task. But it’s all part of bringing the good tunes to our readers and fans.

I also know that we have a great readership of very talented producers whose skills we admire and whose talents are usually on par with what we post, so if you want to be one of those to join, we’d love to hear! For those who may be visiting the site for the first time, we are a family, but we do not play favorites, so your submission would see the same weight as others.

So check the original below and the contest specifics. Hop to hear from you all and cannot wait to hear the submissions! And for our fans/readers, this is your chance to hit up your favorite artist who you think we need to hear to join this contest.

Prize: 1st place winner get their remix released on the upcoming EP (distributed via iTunes, Beatport, etc.), Waxhole T-shirt and a blog post feature on 2nd & 3rd place winners get their remix hosted on the Waxhole Soundcloud, released on a future Compilation album, and a blog post feature.

Rules: All remixes accepted.  Contest ends May 12th! The winners will be chosen by Resonata, and Waxhole.  This is not a popularity contest.

Remix Parts and Submission Method: The remix parts can be downloaded from the Waxhole Bandcamp HERE , and submitted via Private Soundcloud link to

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