Pxlx & Kamandi Go Deep With AA$B

kamandiSo pxlx and Kamandi got together and made an EP. An EP that drops tomorrow and contains 7 symbol-named tunes. Seven tunes that are all so very good, but dammit if they aren’t all too short! But that’s me being greedy, and that’s the tunes being so damned good.

They are chill, and on the verge of sexy, but are the pitched voices more wonky than sexy? Paired with the wonderful atmosphere and vibes, though, they can’t be anything but smoothe and relaxing. The dark undertones, though, keep it from being too bubblebath easy listening though. Some of the tomes sound as if they’re about to break into a garage tune, while the others sound like they could break into that future rnb stuff we all like.

So check the tunes below, pick up the EP (HERE) tomorrow, or preorder today, and give Kamandi (Soundcloud, Faceook), and Pxlx (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Kamandi || Polo – ♀ (Read Description For E.P.) by 神 p✗l✗

Kamandi || Polo – ☿ (Read Description For E.P.) by Kåm∆nd¡

Kamandi || Polo – ☉ (Read Description For E.P.) by Kåm∆nd¡

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