Poison (LION KNGS & DOM Remix)

Poison (LION KNGS & DOM Remix)You’ve probably heard Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” lately. The Trippy Turtle remix of the tune (about this time a year ago actually) has still been getting played out and possibly inspired a resurgence of the original, or perhaps it just made me more aware. Regardless, this new remix of the tune is a deceitful banger with some great and unexpected turns.

It starts out with strong jersey club remix vibes, however at the build, things take a turn for the crunk with a huge booming trap drop that is going to seriously vibrate some speakers and booties in the club.
Don’t sleep the free download, which you can grab here. Go show LION KNGS (Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook ) and DOM (Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook ) some love while you’re at it to keep up with their updates.

Poison (LION KNGS & DOM Remix) by LION KNGS

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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