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The man Jimmy Pe is at is again, and this time for an entire 14 track LP! When you look »

Following up to our previous three weeks of remixes (week 1, week 2, week 3), Bwoy de Bhajan brings us »

So pxlx and Kamandi got together and made an EP. An EP that drops tomorrow and contains 7 symbol-named tunes. »

Spring is in the air, the sun is warm and the gems continue to present themselves in full. Here’s what »

Loving the fact that the homies are steady droppin’ the jams. Bedrockk, Resonata & Tanko, and Eagles For Hands, has »

Mat The Alien (Official Site, Soundcloud) has been holding down the western Canada bass scene for awhile.  Festivals he’s got »

Dekai, one of the members of the great Salt Lake City label Damn Son and overall good dude, just dropped »

Man Mantis is one producer who I am a huge fan of. If you’ve read the previous two posts (HERE »

If you’re not familiar with Lido it’s time to do some learning! He’s been staying very busy producing bangers left »

Elaide is a producer who was introduced to me by LAPLACE when he sent me a remix of one of »

AMB, one of the first artists that I featured on the blog waaaaay back in 2011 (!!) has been steady »

We posted EVV late last year, and since then he’s been making moves. Big moves, but moves that don’t always »

I Kicked A Cloud Once is one of those producers who is separated by an ocean, but whose music is »

Three pack of tunes that dropped yesterday from artists you all know if you read our blog for any amount »

Continuing on from last week’s THiNK Tank Weekend Dump, we have the second installment. It’s been a strong week for »

Fogpak, the great label from Japan has paired up with the good good people of SVNSET WAVES to give us »