Man Mantis Completes The Majestic Dimensions

ManMantisIIIMan Mantis is one producer who I am a huge fan of. If you’ve read the previous two posts (HERE and HERE) it’s pretty plain to see. But I can’t help it! A producer of this quality that is also a nice nice dude, isn’t rare, but it is an awesome deal.

So this EP at hand that was released a little over a week ago (I know I know, I’m slippin) and it carries on from the first two Majestic Dimenions with the chill but groovin vibes. Another four track EP and another EP that features a dope tune with a rapper, this EP is a great way to end the series. Granted I wish there would be a Majestic Dimensions 4, and 17, and 24, but all good things must come to an end so we have these 12 tunes to enjoy as the complete set. The tunes are all so lush and full of atmosphere, vibes ad just…life. With everything Man Mantis produces you know you’re going to get so many different feels, textures and emotions that you can listen to the tune/s 5 times in a row, and get something new every time. beautiful music is his forte and beautiful music is his status quo. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all enjoyed that same status quo with whatever we do for a living??

So do go cop this EP and all of his others HERE and follow the man (Official Site, Soundcloud)

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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