Lovin These Sunday Leftovers

elaksiThree pack of tunes that dropped yesterday from artists you all know if you read our blog for any amount of time.  Bedrockk was one of our first artists that we hyped more than just a blog post.  Daktyl, the man from England who cannot put out any tunes that just aren’t dope.  Then there’s Elaksi teaming up with Abstract Youth.  While Abstract is a newcomer, it isn’t because there aren’t stellar tunes in the back catalogue.  No, this dude is on the serious come up and it was just a matter of time til he got onto the blog.

While doing work, listening to tunes, and catching a bit of sport on a gloomy, wet and dreary Sunday, these tunes seem quite appropriate.  They aren’t gloomy, but they do fit the mood lending to quiet reflection.  If you’re with your other, though, well they take on a whole different vibe.

So yeah give all the fella’s a follow, and show them the love they deserve.

Daktyl (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Elaksi (Soundcloud, Facebook) Abstract Youth (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Bedrockk (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Raleigh Ritchie – Stronger Than Ever (Daktyl Remix) by Daktyl.

Young Thug – Danny Glover (Bedrockk Remix) by Bedrockk

Elaksi x aywy. – Nobody Else by Elaksi

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