Knight Riderz & MC Zulu Fire (w/ Mat The Alien Interview)

BassodysseyMat The Alien (Official Site, Soundcloud) has been holding down the western Canada bass scene for awhile.  Festivals he’s got those covered as well.  This guy is everywhere and for good reason!  One of those who believes in showmanship as well as the music, he’s a joy to watch spin on the decks.  And when I say showmanship, I don’t mean throwing cake or pizza at people, but rather employing cutting, scratching, juggling, and other DJ tricks that many fans may not understand what exactly he’s doing, but we all sure as hell appreciate it!

Besides being a steady gigging musician, he’s also started a label to bring the world the sounds and artists he’s been digging.  Really Good Recordings is the name, and next week there will be a first Compilation dropped featuring artists such as Knight Riderz & MC Zulu (below), Calamalka, Turtilian, Illo, Phantasma, and Mat himself (among many others).  The tunes are all bass heavy, all interesting in the sense that most do not follow any rigid genre classifications you might have in your head, and they are all groovin.

Mat was also wonderful in allowing us to ask him a few questions, so enjoy the Exclusive Free Download tune from Knight Riderz & MC Zulu and a few tunes from the compilation throughout so you can enjoy while you peruse.

Waxhole: What is the best and worst thing about being in the game for as long as you have been?
Mat: It’s just been a trip watching styles – genres develop and merge into each other as well as seeing friends who make music and dj develop their sound over the years. I’ve ran into so many people at shows etc too and its always fun being on the road and seeing friends from over the years at festivals and gigs.

Waxhole: Growing up around Manchester, did the Madchester stuff influence you at all back then and now?
Mat: Yeaah for sure! I was a drummer in a band first when I was like 10-15. The bands then were merging into electronic stuff like the Happy Mondays and Stone Roses (my brother knew the bass player from Stone Roses!).  Then the rave culture and illegal parties of the late 80s really brought electronic music to the forefront in the UK. It was a really exciting time for music and a movement and I just wanted to learn more about where the music was from and how to mix and skratch.

Waxhole: You more of a United or City fan?
Mat: Being from the UK you’re supposed to like football and tea so I kind of went against the grain and never really got into it, but all my family and friends were United fans

Waxhole: You started out as a drummer. Any ideas for implementing live drums into your sets in any way?
Mat: For sure. A lot of dj’s I know were drummers. People like , Nu Mark , Skratch Bastid , Von D , A Skillz , Taso. Tons of dj’s. It makes sense being able to be a time keeper and for sure I bring a drumming element to my sets either cutting beats in, little juggles or even just using the effects and loop roll like drum fills.

Waxhole: Really Good Recordings, what is your vision for this label?
Mat: It’s been going over a year now. My dad had a label when I was growing up and its just something I wanted to do, to be able to push new sounds across many genres and styles.  I travel most weekends and im always meeting people who make sick beats at home and it’s good to link up collab or put their stuff out

Turtilian – The Mountain – Bass Odyssey 2014 vol 1 by Really Good Recordings

Waxhole: For this compilation, what was your aim of bringing the artists you did?
Mat: It just kind of all came together. I wanted to do a compilation with lots of different vibes and genres and once I got it rolling all the tracks started coming together. I’m already working on #2

Waxhole: You have weeklies in Whistler. What is the difference between the in-season and off-season crowds?
Mat: Yeah I do a weekly Tuesday night (Really Good Tuesdays) with the Librarian who runs the Bass Coast Festival. We get lots of guests coming through and get to test out any new music we’ve got that week.  Either side of winter the town slows right down so there are no tourists in dead season but we have a good loyal local following. Lots of Japanese and Australian people and it stays good year round

Waxhole: You’ll be playing Shambhala for a 13th year…What is a memory from your very first one? How has it changed in those 13 years?
Mat: It has changed but still a similar vibe. The first one i played right before Bassnectar who was just going by Lorin then. Then I ran over to the village and did a late night drum and bass set. Everyone who goes just bugs out at how elaborate the stages and Pk Sound systems are. There’s a good variety of music too represented at the different stages.

Calamalka – Shuttles by RUN THE TRAP

Waxhole: What do you like playing better, clubs or festivals?
Mat: Both, really. Festivals are really fun, I find people let loose a bit more and get trippy out in the woods so you can really take people on a journey with your set.

Waxhole: If you were to chop it up with a DJ just using vinyl, who would you love to battle back to back?
Mat: I got to jam with Q Bert once that was a honor. Over the years I’ve jammed with Shortkut , Nu Mark , Z Trip , Klever , Craze which was sick too. It’s just fun when things come together and you get to jam with people you respect. Last night I had a layover in San Fran and ended up having a fun skratch jam with Taso and Stylust. I just find it amazing being able to travel and jam with people and keep doing what we love to do.

Thans again so much to Mat for the time, the interview, and most importantly for allowing us to host this Exclusive Free Download!

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